Area Rug Cleaning

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Our area rug cleaning service has received The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval for its amazing results and is recognized among the best in the industry! Specializing in both area and Oriental rug cleaning.

Oriental rugs require special care and attention.

We recommend our professional service so that your Oriental rug receives the proper cleaning techniques and is not subjected to harmful chemicals or excessive moisture or solutions.

Expert Area Rug Cleaning

There are many benefits to area rugs in your home. Area rugs are both functional and decorative and complement hardwood floors, carpet, entryways, dining rooms and most areas of a home.

However, rugs are often placed in high-traffic areas, which means they will get dirty and require professional area rug cleaning.

Champion Chem-Dry area rug cleaning methods don’t require soap or excessive water. Therefore, area rugs receive a drier, cleaner and healthier deep clean that lasts longer than services provided from steam cleaners or carpet shampooers.

Professional Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Champion Chem-Dry Florida treats your area rugs, Oriental rugs and fine textiles with gentle, focused care thanks to years of certified training. We understand that Oriental rugs are extremely valuable and cherished by their owners.

Technicians inspect the Oriental rug fibers and materials to ensure the best process for cleaning your rug is implemented to ensure fantastic results.

The process includes a prespray cleaning solution, gentle submersion bath and intricate fringe cleaning. Each Oriental rug is treated with the finest, most delicate care.

For standard area rug cleaning, the basic principles of our carpet cleaning process are applied.

First, our technicians spray The Natural®, our signature, green-certfied cleaning solution, on the surface to lift dirt embedded in the fibers to the surface using the power of carbonation.

Then, our Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE) process whisks away the dirt and contaminants to restore the original beauty of your area rug.

Trust Our Area Rug Cleaning Experts

You can trust Champion Chem-Dry Florida to treat your Oriental rug with care and provide the best area rug cleaning service in the industry.

Technicians have both years of experience and extensive training in order to provide unheralded professional service to our customers.

Our thorough evaluation ensures that your rug remains safe throughout the cleaning process.

Sometimes it is recommended that your rug be taken to our location for a deeper, more effective cleaning process to achieve the best results.

Your rug is in good hands with Champion Chem-Dry Florida!

For a no-obligation quote, call (321) 206-1988 or use our online estimate tool for more information on area rug cleaning pricing.

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

Routine area rug cleaning in combination with professional services will help to maintain the beauty of the rugs in your home and extend their lifetime.

Here are some basic area rug cleaning tips to use when cleaning your home: 

Check for “Dry Clean Only”

Check the label to see if the rug is “Dry Clean Only” or not. If it is, you will want to call Champion Chem-Dry for professional area rug cleaning and should not attempt to clean the rug yourself.

How to Wash Small Rugs

For machine washable rugs, first carry the rug outdoors and shake it to loosen and remove miscellaneous dirt on the surface of the rug.

After that, you can bring the rug back inside and put it in your washing machine. Then wash the rug with warm water. Now let it tumble dry at a medium heat until it is ready to be put on your floor again.

How to Beat Large Rugs

Larger rugs should be taken outside and shaken if not too heavy. Then, hang the rug over a clothing line or railing and “beat” it using the handle of a broom or a stick of some sort.

Beating the rug is important for area rug cleaning and should remove loose dirt. You will also notice clouds of dust coming off of the rug depending on how long it has been since you last cleaned it. Continue to beat the rug and flip it over once or twice until you don’t see anymore dust coming off of it.

Once you are done beating the rug, bring it back indoors and vacuum the rug thoroughly.

How to Vacuum Area Rugs

Vacuum area rugs starting from the middle of the rug to the exterior. Use a gentle suction level and be careful of rugs that have fringe.

You don’t want to accidentally suck the strands of fringe into the vacuum roller. If you do you risk serious damage to your rug.

After you have vacuumed the rug, lift around the edges to vacuum the carpet beneath it.

How to Care for Oriental, Turkish or Persian Rugs

Be careful when attempting to clean an Oriental rug or Turkish or Persian rugs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or trust Champion Chem-Dry for expert area rug cleaning.

For heirloom rugs, we highly recommend calling (321) 206-1988 and scheduling an appointment.

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