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carpet cleaning service iconChampion Chem-Dry Brevard features an innovative approach to carpet cleaning with drier, cleaner and healthier methods for great results.

Carpet dries faster. Solutions clean deeper. No harsh chemicals. You will notice the difference immediately!

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Champion Chem-Dry Brevard offers the full line of Chem-Dry solutions, products and equipment.

Our staff of highly trained technicians are trained and certified to provide the best carpet cleaning experience to our customers.

You will receive professional, friendly service when you hire Champion Chem-Dry and results you won’t find from carpet steam cleaners or DIY rental machines.

Carpet Cleaning Service*

• Technician Consultation
• Deep Vacuuming
• The Natural® Application
• Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE)
• Carpet Rake

*Additional services include carpet protector, Pet Urine Removal Treatment (PURT), upholstery cleaning, floor tile cleaning, etc.

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Technician Consultation

After a brief tour of the areas in your home you would like cleaned, your Champion Chem-Dry technician will outline the services necessary to get the best results for your carpet.

Technicians will recommend additional services if needed and provide an estimate on the cost and duration of the carpet cleaning service.

Deep Vacuuming

Every Champion Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service starts with a “deep” vacuuming of the areas that will be cleaned. Deep vacuuming targets the corners of a room, along the wall and beneath larger furniture such as couches, recliners and coffee tables. Vacuuming is important for carpet maintenance and a professional carpet cleaning appointment would be incomplete without it.

The Natural® Application

The Natural is our carbonated carpet cleaning solution. It is lightly sprayed over the surface, slightly dampening the carpet prior to cleaning. See more on the The Natural and the “power of carbonation” below.

Hot Carbonated Extraction

Hot Carbonated Extraction, or HCE, is the process of “whisking” away the dirt and grime that The Natural has lifted to your carpets surface. Depending on the degree of dirt, technicians will go over a surface once or twice to ensure a thorough, deep clean. Learn more about the HCE carpet cleaning process below.

Carpet Rake

The final step of the standard Champion Chem-Dry service is to rake the carpet. Carpet rakes straighten out the carpet fibers and provide a more vibrant appearance.

Depending on the square feet, degree of difficulty and number of technicians on-hand, the standard carpet cleaning process typically requires around two hours to complete.

The Chem-Dry Difference

Steam cleaners and rental machines are known for using excessive amounts of soap and water to attempt to remove dirt or stains from carpets. It’s a temporary solution as often times stains resurface within a week of being cleaned with these methods due to sticky residue being left behind in the fibers of the carpet.

Why are Champion Chem-Dry technicians the best Brevard County carpet cleaners? It’s simple. As part of the Chem-Dry franchise base, Champion Chem-Dry is able to provide the resources of a national brand with the focus and attention to detail of a small business. You will experience the difference in both our service and our process.

The Chem-Dry process is unique in that, unlike steam cleaners and DIY rental machines, it requires very little water. In fact, compared to other methods, Chem-Dry uses about 80% less water. The reason that our process uses so little water is because it requires no soap whatsoever and no harsh, harmful cleaning chemicals. That’s right. No soap. No chemicals. So, how exactly does Champion Chem-Dry clean carpets?

Instead of soap, gallons of water and chemicals, Chem-Dry uses the “power of carbonation” to extract dirt, allergens, stains and grime from your carpets. The carbonated cleaning process provides a deeper clean that lasts much longer than soap. Carbonation is also healthier than chemicals. It’s 100% green-certified and can be found on the F.D.A. G.R.A.S. list, meaning its completely safe for contact with adults, children and pets.

Our carbonated solution is called The Natural. The Natural is misted across your carpet’s surface and then it lifts the dirt embedded within the carpet fibers to the top where it can be whisked away from our rotating buffer system. If your familiar with the concept of using club soda to remove liquid stains from clothing, then you will have a good sense as to how The Natural excels at removing dirt from carpet.

The process is known Hot Carbonated Extraction or HCE and is industry recognized by The Carpet & Rug Institute as one of the best methods for carpet cleaning and preserving the quality of your carpet and received their CRI Seal of Approval. HCE is well acclaimed because, as mentioned above, it’s completely safe and it requires so little moisture.

Moisture is bad for carpet. Because soap requires a lot of water in order to be rinsed out of and off of surfaces, Brevard County carpet cleaners that use soap are likely saturating your carpet with water. It’s almost impossible for all the water to be suctioned out of your carpet, and therefore, some will be left behind. Water left behind in carpet can result in mold and mildew growth, an unhealthy consequence for you, your family and your carpet.

Not only that, but the more water required to clean your carpet, the longer until they’re dry and you can enjoy them again. With the HCE process from Champion Chem-Dry, carpets dry within 1-2 hours after our service, limiting the potential for bacteria growth and limiting the time before you are free to use your carpets again as you normally would.

Besides leaving water behind in your carpet, steam cleaning and DIY rental machines will also leave some soap residue behind. Soap left behind in carpet will attract dirt and cause it to accumulate in one spot in a process known as soiling. Because soiling occurs rather quickly, it’s possible that you will start to see large stains appear on your carpet again within a week or two of having your carpets steam cleaned or renting a carpet cleaning machine.

With Chem-Dry, there is no soap to be left behind. Stains stay gone and carpets need to be cleaned less. It’s the recommendation of The Carpet & Rug Institute that your carpets be professionally cleaned once every 9-12 months.

In summary, by choosing Champion Chem-Dry, your carpets and carpet tiles stay cleaner longer, dry faster and are healthier for you, your pets, your children and your guests.

Chem-Dry is the best carpet cleaning service for Berber carpet, Frieze carpet, Wool carpet, Nylon carpet and other popular styles and carpet fibers.

Find more information on the difference between Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaners.

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